Every time they go in,
WAVE makes sure they each get out.

WAVE is a ready-to-use drowning detection system that uses real-time tracking to determine if one of your campers is at risk of drowning.

The system immediately alerts your staff and directs them towards the location of the potential victim*.

WAVE is portable, wireless, sets up in minutes, and works in pools, lakes, rivers and more.

Optional Storage Tower to organize and store wearables. 

"Most children in the U.S. drown in open water, a term that includes natural bodies of water (lakes, rivers, oceans)"- Safe Kids Worldwide

* Requires optional Location Indicator components

Like having a timer on every camper, WAVE knows exactly how long each swimmer 
remains submerged.



Quick Setup Time

For Pools & Lakes 


Battery Powered

& Portable

No permits required

WAVE Locators in Lake Render.jpg

If an event is detected

WAVE helps guide your staff towards the swimmer's location.


* Requires optional Location Indicator components

Revolutionary in the world of aquatic safety, our optional WAVE Location Indicators are battery-powered devices positioned around your swimming area. During an event the Location Indicators closest to the potential victim will begin flashing a bright daylight-viewable strobe, providing rescuers with a fast-read visual indication of where the victim likely is*.

* Always perform standard rescue protocols when using WAVE

WAVE uses lightweight wearables
campers don't mind wearing.

Boy wearing WAVE Drowning Detection Tracker Wearable
Young girl wears WAVE Pool Alarm Wearable
Toddlers wearing WAVE Drowning Prevention System Wearables
Young girl wears WAVE Pool Alarm Wearable
Boy wearing WAVE Drowning Detection Tracker Wearable
Girl wearing WAVE Drowning Detection System w20 Wearable
Child wearing WAVE w20 Drowning Detection System Pool Alarm Wearable

Goggles not included

Tested on 1000s of swimmers of all ages and abilities, WAVE wearables are comfortable and so light that they float! With a universal fit they're easy to wear or share. There's no buttons to fuss with because they automatically activate during use and turn off when stored.

Campers can choose between lightweight headbands or clips that attach to any standard set of goggles.

We've made organizing and storing wearables so simple and intuitive that most campers can get or return them without any counselor supervision required. 

You've worked hard to create a great aquatics program.
Now make it the safest it can be with WAVE.

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