" If You Don’t See It, Then Nothing Else Matters. Even more important than prevention is the ability to see and recognize an event. Without the ability to see, you cannot possibly prevent."  Source: NASCO Aquatics Lifeguard Textbook

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Even though you are highly vigilant and responsible when watching over the welfare of those in water, the risk of drowning is always present.

The truth is that anyone can drown, even if they are good swimmers, had swim lessons, are great athletes or are under your watchful eye. It happens quietly in seconds and even a minor distraction can prevent you from seeing it in time.

Easy to use, WAVE provides you with an innovative and powerful tool to enhance and supplement your efforts to keep your swimmers safe by notifying you of an event you may have overlooked.

WAVE doesn't just protect your swimmers.
It protects you, too.

WHat does wave do?

WAVE works in the background while you watch over swimmers, just as you always do.

The system monitors swimmers in real time and accurately determines how long each swimmer's face is fully submerged and therefore unable to breathe.

We often liken using WAVE to having a stopwatch on every swimmer, timing exactly how long each remains underwater.


If any swimmer has been underwater for dangerous period of time WAVE immediately notifies you so you can quickly investigate and intervene if necessary.

HOW does it work?

Each swimmer is provided with a wearable which can be either a comfortable lightweight headset called Trackers, or a simple pair of clips that attach to most types of goggles. We call those Goggle Clips or simply, GCs.

Trackers are very easy and comfortable to wear. We've tested them on 1000s of swimmers and most forget that they're wearing them after just a few minutes.

Each Tracker uses extremely low-power radios to tell the WAVE system if the user's face is underwater and for exactly how long.

Like Trackers, GCs are very easy to use and attach quickly to most goggles. Once in place any pair of goggles now lets WAVE- and you- know exactly how long your swimmers remain underwater.

WAVE works in the background and has very little impact on your already long list responsibilities.

Trackers and Google Clips are easily stored and retrieved from the Tower. We designed the Tower to be so intuitive that even very young swimmers can get and return their Trackers and GCs without needing your help.

You simply wear a waterproof Staff Bracelet. The bracelet is easy to wear and share and its battery lasts several days before needing to be recharged.

If WAVE detects that one of your swimmers may be at risk your Staff Bracelet will quickly vibrate to notify you of the event even if you're in a noisy environment.

WAVE will also notify you of a potential event with audio and visual alerts including a bright daylight viewable flashing strobe and a powerful speaker.


Your facility may also use other options enabled such as automated text messages for remote notifications, automated 9-11 calling, and more. Ask your aquatic director to learn more about the options they will be using.


For a more in-depth description of WAVE click here.


“A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a molder of consensus.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

WAVE along with your vigilance will dramatically reduce the risk of drowning at your facility. The system works in the background and requires very little maintenance other than recharging your Staff Bracelet every few days.


For WAVE to be truly effective it is extremely important that you make sure that all of your swimmers wear their Trackers or Goggle Clips when they're in the water with no exceptions*.

Because WAVE is a new approach to aquatic safety some swimmers may be reluctant to change. But just like bike or ski helmets people get used to new things over time, particularly when it comes to their safety.

It's up to you to be a leader and help these swimmers understand that WAVE is there to make swimming as safe as it can be. They'll follow your lead and will quickly discover that wearing Trackers or Goggle Clips has no impact on their enjoyment of the water. Soon enough wearing a Tracker or Google Clip will be as normal as wearing that bike or ski helmet.

We believe that having WAVE by your side will reduce stress and make your job more enjoyable. If you have any questions or suggestions for us, please let us know.

* Exclusions may exist for swimmers with special needs or unique circumstances that prevents wearing a Tracker or Goggle Clips. Discuss these situations with your aquatic director to determine a best course of action.



Frequently asked questions

How was WAVE developed? Has it been tested?

WAVE was developed over several years by a team of passionate product designers, engineers, aquatic safety experts, aquatic directors and many lifeguards just like you. To learn more about WAVE and the company behind it please click here.

The system uses proven patent and patent-pending technologies, and has been successfully tested and demonstrated at nearly a hundred pools and lakefronts across the country and on thousands of swimmers.

I'm a responsible lifeguard. Why do I need to use WAVE?

Even lifeguards who are well-trained and vigilant can be distracted by noise, heat, humidity, glare, blind spots, boredom, patrons, distortion in the water and more.

A drowning can happen in just seconds. It is typically silent and without noticeable movement making it hard to detect and vulnerable to being missed.
While your facility expects you to be dilgent at all times WAVE is there, just in case.

Isn't WAVE going to add to my list of responsibilities?


We've intentionally designed WAVE to work in the background to enhance your efforts and not distract you from doing your main job- watching over swimmers.

The Tower makes distribution and retrieval of our wearables so intuitive that even younger swimmers won't need your help getting or returning their Trackers and Goggle Clips.

Other than occassional battery charging, WAVE requires no maintenance. It is really that simple to use.

Can I swim with a Staff Bracelet on?

Yes, the bracelet is completely waterproof. However we recommend that it not remain submerged more than 1 meter deep for more than a few minutes.

I have very capable swimmers. Do they still need to wear a Tracker?

Yes! Drowning can happen to everyone, even experienced swimmers and trained atheletes. That's why it's critical that you strongly encourage all swimmers to wear their WAVE Tracker or Goggle Clips at all times.

My swimmers don't go underwater. Should they still wear a Tracker?

Yes! Accidents, such as muscle cramps, slips, falls and head trauma can happen above water and impact a swimmer's safety. For this reason, it's critical that you strongly encourage anyone entering the water to always wear their WAVE Tracker or Goggle Clips.

Do swimmers really wear those Trackers? Don't they fall off?

We can confidently state that most swimmers forget that they are wearing their Tracker after a minute or so. The Trackers are very lightweight and comfortable to wear, even with goggles or swim caps.

We've worked on the Tracker design for over two years, testing amost 100 versions to arrive at a design that stays on securely during most swimming activities yet can be easily removed when leaving the water or exchanging with other users.

Should a Tracker fall off, it will float, and most swimmers intuitively put the Tracker back on.
It's that simple to use and wear.

Kids will be kids. Won't they resist wearing Trackers or intentionally create alerts?

We've tested our wearables on thousands of swimmers and have learned that most kids who are reluctant to wear Trackers or Goggle Clips quickly discover that after only a few minutes wearing one is no big deal. (In fact most swimmers forget they even have one on.)
Our take is that setting off the WAVE alert is no different from setting off a fire alarm and should be treated as such. For those pranksters that intentionally cause an alert, we have found that swift removal from the water corrects that behavior quickly. Lastly, while it might be fun and exciting the first time to set off an alert, most kids will become bored quickly and look for other ways to get into trouble ;)

Is WAVE going to replace lifeguards or reduce how many guards we have?


WAVE is not designed nor is it ever marketed as a solution to replace responsible human supervision.

We strongly support your profession and believe that every aquatic facility and location should have lifeguards present at all times whether they deploy WAVE or not.

Is wearing a Tracker or GC safe? What about those radio waves?

Yes, very safe. Trackers and Google Clips use very low-power radios that transmit for extremely short durations that last less than the blink of an eye. They are much less powerful than a typical pair of wireless headphones or headsets. For some insightful information about the practical impact of wireless communications on our health, please click here.

Does sharing Trackers increase the risk of spreading germs?

Like any shared product, regular cleaning by your facility will reduce the risk of spreading germs. In addition chlorinated water does a very effective job at reducing bacteria and other germs. Learn more in this very informative article from LifeScience.com. Concerning lice, the Harvard School of Public Health stated: “Shared helmets and headphones in schools or recreational settings may rarely and transiently harbor an occasional louse or nit; the effort necessary to effectively inspect and clean these devices, however, is not likely warranted.”

We have a clear water pool and can see swimmers. Why do we need WAVE?

Being able to see swimmers underwater is not the same as knowing if they are at risk.

Most drowning victims simply look like someone playing or relaxing below the surface. In fact drownings have occurred with other swimmers and lifeguards right next to the victim.

Also while your pool's water may be clear, seeing a submerged swimmer can be challenged by glare and distortion which can completely obscure their body.

WAVE dramatically reduces the risk of a victim being missed by alerting you if anyone has been submerged for a dangerous period of time (typically 30s but adjustable by your aquatics director or system administrator).

Still have questions or want to learn more?

Contact your aquatic director or feel free to contact us at WAVE.


For more details about the WAVE System click here.

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