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June is the most dangerous month for swimming

Be safe in June! (Photo by National Drowning Prevention Association)

Since 2010, June has consistently seen a spike in the number drownings throughout the year. The National Drowning Prevention Alliance (NDPA) and the Consumer Product Safety Commission have kept track of the monthly number of drownings, and want to warn the public about the hidden dangers of swimming.

Why is June the most dangerous month for swimming? Experts think it's because the summer has just started and people eagerly jump in the pool without proper knowledge of safe swimming rules. In fact, the NDPA went as far as designating the month of May as "Water Safety Month" to prepare the public for safe swimming before the start of summer.

This is not to say that we should all stop swimming and stay away from the water. With proper swim training and knowledge, swimming can be a safe and fun sport. Follow these quick rules of thumb to have a safe and enjoyable summer!

Swim Safety Rules:

  1. If you can't swim, don't go in.

  2. Always swim with a buddy.

  3. Designate a "Water Watcher"- someone on shore to keep eyes on you at all times (other than a lifeguard).

  4. Stay away from swim floaties, as these can give you a false sense of protection and instill unsafe swim habits.

See the full report here from the CPSC here and check out our compilation of swim safety resources here.

Have a great summer from all of us at WAVE! 🌊

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