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Meeting the Future Leaders of America at the YMCA Convention!

In front of the One Y for All sign

The WAVE Team headed over to Anaheim, California for the 2019 YMCA General Assembly.

As exhibitors, we were able to showcase our product to over 3,000 YMCA attendees, all of whom were specially chosen for the trip due to their commitment and growth to their respective YMCA Branches.

The General Assembly gave us a first-hand look at how an organization as large as the YMCA comes together. There are 2,700 YMCAs across the United States, including Puerto Rico, and many operate as independent non-profit organizations. The YMCA is a community leader in youth development, family programming, and healthy living. We really got to see that when speaking with YMCA staff and board members.

One of the coolest part of the event was that it felt like a U.N. of sorts- almost every state in America was represented- even delegates from Hawaii! Fun fact: Ohio takes the prize with most YMCAs per capita in the country.

The WAVE booth was buzzing with activity. With awesome freebies like straps for glasses and the friendly WAVE Team, it was impossible not to say hello! Elena and Mark spoke to hundreds of YMCA representatives during the 3-day exhibit. It was also pretty cool to meet people from our respective YMCAs back home!

Elena in front of the WAVE booth

Although this was a work trip, it certainly didn't feel like it. We had a lot of fun checking out other booths and trying out new exercise equipment, even participating in a 10-minute workout class offered by Freemotion. At the end of the General Assembly, we all celebrated with a huge party in the upstairs section of the Anaheim Convention Center. There was a live band, delicious food, and even on-stage performances!

Not surprisingly, the WAVE Team headed over to the beach! We got to enjoy the famous California sunsets, and of course, we had fun swimming with the WAVE Tower and goggle clips. Now this is work/life balance!

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Safer swimming starts here.
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