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WAVE takes on a record-breaking event!

The most adventurous swimmers from all over the world made their way to Redondo Beach, California for the annual Ocean Fest, a three day event organized by WOWSA (World Open Water Swimming Association).

This year's Ocean Fest included races across the Laguna, swim talks, awards, and Guinness Book of World Records Attempts! CEO Mark Caron was invited to speak in front of open water safety experts about the growth of technology in the swim industry.

After the talk, the WAVE Team was ready for the races. We brought out the WAVE System onto Redondo Beach, asking swimmers to wear it at various events. Like usual, most swimmers said, "I forgot I had it on!" Check out the video below to hear what the swimmers had to say!

One big part of Ocean Fest is breaking world records, and 2019 was no exception. While wearing the WAVE Tracker, one determined swimmer named Yuko Matsuzaki broke the record for number of laps in an endless pool (it's like a treadmill but with water). We also had a swimmer wear a WAVE Tracker while competing in the Mermaid Swim, and breaking another world record at that!

True to form, we had to take the WAVE Hub out on another boat ride. We just set it up using a standard tripod, and pressed "on"! We then tested our system in various areas across the beach, checking for range and monitoring swimmers. Thanks to our trusty guide, Kevin, who helped us navigate the seas!

Here's to Ocean Fest 2020! 🍻

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