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What Are Wearable Drowning Detection Devices?

Startups Elidah Health and Clairways showcase their wearable devices, funded by NSF

You are probably already familiar with wearable devices such as a FitBit or Apple Watch. However, you might not know the extent to which wearable devices are enhancing everyday health. From devices that monitor lung capacity for asthma patients, to those that strengthen pelvic floor muscles for women, wearables are expanding to areas we could not have imagined, and they’re here to stay!

Why are wearable technologies growing so quickly? A few reasons. One big advantage of wearables is that they are able to keep track of data that otherwise would have been impossible to collect. In the past, people would need to self-report this data, such as by writing in a notebook or sending a text message. There were lots of issues with this type of data collection. It's not difficult to imagine that some people would forget to track their behavior or incorrectly report it.

Since wearables are with you at all times, they are able to record and analyze specific behaviors with minimal interference. In the health and wellness industry, this information is crucial for preventive care, reduction of accidental deaths, and peace of mind.

WAVE is one of the few wearable technologies created specifically for swimming. WAVE works by measuring how much time a swimmer spends underwater. Once someone has been underwater for too long, WAVE immediately alerts lifeguards so they can intervene if needed. WAVE also has the ability to compile a personalized report of these data points, revolutionizing safety operations in aquatics.

Lifeguards grabbing Trackers before swimming

Another reason why wearables have become so popular in our lives is that they are intuitive, easy-to-use, and work pretty much anywhere. Your Apple Watch sets up in seconds and doesn’t need anything but battery life to start tracking your steps.

Similarly, WAVE was designed to be completely grab-and-go. Just pick up a Tracker or snap on a Goggle Clip, and you’re all set! The grab-and-go concept doesn’t stop there. WAVE was created to work anywhere. Even in lakes, rivers, boats, beaches...you name it! Oh, and because our technology is worn on the body, as opposed to using a camera or other sensor, dark or murky waters are no problem for WAVE.

Finally, wearables have become ubiquitous in our society because they do not interfere with how we normally live our lives. Although learning curves do exist, such as remembering to re-charge your FitBit on occasion, these are minor inconveniences compared to the value that the wearable brings.

To create the best experience for swimmers, WAVE was carefully crafted to not interfere with swimming or play. In fact, we have developed close to 100 designs before getting it just right. Swim as you normally do, and within seconds you will forget you are even wearing a Tracker. You can even go diving or jumping while wearing WAVE.

There is so much exciting growth in the wearable space. We at WAVE are eager to see what new wearables will surface within the next few years. Speaking of futuristic wearables, has anybody used the sleep ring?

The Oura ring tracks your body temperature and measures your sleep cycle

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