WAVE Trackers
  • WAVE Trackers are a wireless wearable worn behind the head and over the ears, similar to common headphones for running. They're so comfortable that most swimmers forget they're wearing one after just a few minutes. Trackers are so light that they float.



    • Universal fit for just about every head size from toddlers to adults.

    • Automatically activates with no buttons to fuss with.

    • Touch point cushions maintain comfort while wearing.

    • Durable and rugged.

    • Stays on during most normal swim activities.

    • Accurately determines full facial submersion.

    • Internal batteries last 18 months based on 8 hours use every day.

    • Low-battery notifications through the WAVE w20 Management App.

    • Extremely low power and completely safe to wear.

    • Made with anti-microbial materials for safer sharing.

    • Compatible with all WAVE drowning detection systems.



    • 1 x WAVE Tracker Wearable

    • 1 - Year Limited Warranty

    WAVE Trackers


      WAVE products are designed to supplement vigilant human supervision.

      Never allow anyone to swim alone regardless of age or athletic ability.