Swimming should be about living life. Not risking it.

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The WAVE w20. The world's most advanced drowning detection system for residential pools. Like yours.

Pools can be a lot of fun. We set out to build a system that helps keep them that way.


The Wave w20 determines when any swimmer is at risk from prolonged submersion and immediately alerts. The system is extremely reliable, simple to use, and portable.


It’s built on the belief that the most important accessory for any pool is the one that makes it the safest. 

WAVE Pool Safety Anti-Drowning System

How the w20 System works.

Each swimmer wears a WAVE Tracker. These wearables are easy to wear, lightweight and incredibly comfortable. In fact most swimmers forget they even have one on. For goggle users our WAVE Goggle Clips can easily make any pair ready to use with the system. 


The w20 system constantly communicates with each swimmer's wearable for up to 300 ft. If the swimmer remains submerged for 30* seconds, the w20 immediately alerts you with a flashing strobe light and a loud audio alert with a warning message.

When swim time is over Trackers and Goggle Clips are conveniently stored on the w20 unit.

* User adjustable

Just add water.

  • Reliable technology already proven by thousands of users 

  • Virtually plug-n-play 

  • Works in all types of water including lakes and beaches

  • Completely wireless/portable 

  • Wearable, floating trackers that have no impact on fun 

  • Monitors 20 swimmers 

  • Rechargeable, provides a full days use. 

The most effective systems are

also the easiest ones to use.

The WAVE app will assist you in setting up, configuring and managing your Wave w20. It enables you to monitor the system battery levels and add/name/remove wearables. 

Adapters available for Goggles too!

Mother and Son

You've given them so much.
Now give yourself peace of mind. 

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